This page lists links to useful information, relevant blogs, important organizations, and product and service providers. The list is in alphabetical order and does not indicate a preference. A  ✔ next to a listing indicates that we have reviewed the product, service, or organization. Please let me know if you would like something listed or find a link that no longer works.

Products / Services

Amazon – largest online retailer. We provided a rant/review of Amazon in Aug 2018. –  world’s largest online marketplace for finding and managing family care, with 29.6 million members, spanning 20 countries.

Medline Bed Assist Bar – a useful bed rail to provide security and safety. We provided a review of the product in Oct 2018. – useful exercise suggestions for seniors or the disabled. Thanks to Anna, a student at for suggesting this link.

MyMedSchedule – medication management and reminder website, We provided a review of MyMedSchedule in Aug 2018. Note: this website (sadly) was replaced in Spring 2019 by an app only solution, MyMedSchedule Plus, available for free on IOS and Android.

obi – The Dining Robot – a robotic assistive device that can feed your loved one. We provided a review of the product in Sept 2020.

Stander Security Pole and S-curved Bar – a freestanding grab bar / pole solution that doesn’t require permanent installation. We provided a review of the product in Oct 2018.

Trello – project and organization management. We provided a review of Trello in Aug 2018.

Organizations / Websites / Blogs

Abilities Expo – A series of events focused on the disabled community around the country throughout the year. The website also provides a lot of community news and resources. – Caregiver Media Group is a leading provider of information, support and guidance for family and professional caregivers. Founded in 1995, they produce Today’s Caregiver magazine, the first national magazine dedicated to caregivers, Care-giving books, Custom publications, the Fearless Caregiver Conferences, and the website,

Graying with Grace –  Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS® works daily with seniors and the elderly as an Assistive Technology Professional and a Certified Rehab Technology Supplier for a home medical equipment provider. His blog recently evaluated 400 caregiver blogs and singled out 36 best of best care-giving blogs for caregivers of elderly parents or spouses. I’m proud to announce that my blog made the list! Thanks, Scott!

Mesothelioma supports caregivers who make a world of difference for someone suffering from mesothelioma. However, many caregivers often neglect their own health and succumb to stress so they provide resources to help caregivers find the support they need.

MotivatedGENY – A useful blog written by Hannah Becker that covers a variety of topics including an interesting focus on care-giving.