I am hoping to publish a lot of positive reviews of products and services that make our lives better, and while there are many of these reviews to be written, I’m finding the list of products and services that don’t perform as expected is much longer. Since I don’t want to waste a lot of space on useless stuff, and yet, I do think it’s worth sharing what didn’t work for us, here is a list of products and services we’ve tried that didn’t make the cut. Remember, your mileage may vary:

Bath Carpet Ultra Bath Mat with Anti-Slip Backing in Clear from Bed, Bath & Beyond

I feel like finding the perfect bath mat is the impossible dream. SoBathmatme are better than others and I could devote an entire blog to the selection of bath mats. This one in particular, though pleasing to the eye and foot, is about as far from anti-slip as you can get. I guess if you put it down and don’t step on it, it might not slip. I’ve learned that the number (and type) of suctions cups matter — I haven’t found the perfect combination yet but I can say with certainty that 12 suction cups are too little.

Zenna home Foam Bath Mat bought at a local hardware store.

OK, I tried a different bath mat I found at a local hardware store. The link above is from Home Depot. I had great hopes for this mat because of the number and configuration of suction cups and the foam construction of the mat. ZennaBathMatI expected it would perform better than my current standard rubber mat that had become difficult to keep clean and free from soap scum. The rubber mat lasted quite a while but became increasingly unreliable and it was time to retire it. The new mat only lasted about a week before I called it quits and pulled it from the tub. It just wouldn’t stay in place even after cleaning the tub and following all suggestions for adhering the mat. I like the material and would love for this one to work but it’s not in the stars.