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I intend to regularly provide recommendations of both products and services as I discover things that are useful to a caregiver or the patient. Occasionally, I will also write about a product or service or company that has a particular problem. Remember, all of these posts are the opinion of the stated author and your mileage may vary. We can only evaluate things based on our day to day experiences — we are not trying to do exhaustive evaluations. However, since I spent many years as an industry analyst evaluating products, services, and companies, I will try to make the reviews useful, factual, and accurate.

Furthermore,  we will not accept money or gifts to publish reviews, and the items we review will either be purchased by us or if borrowed from the manufacturer, subsequently returned, donated or recycled. This way you can count on our integrity with respect to reviews.  If in the future, we start to accept advertising on this blog, the advertisers will be selected by Google Adsense or something similar and will not have any impact on the content on this site.

Any questions should be submitted via our contact page.