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This past weekend’s New York Times’ magazine section is newsworthy! It is filled with articles under the theme, “What We’ve Learned in Quarantine.” The articles; a mixture of stories, photographs, and a graphic novel, are written by a varied slate of writers, artists, and photographers. They cover all different perspectives such as how the authors deal with isolation or fear, uncertainty about the future, and just figuring out how to deal with the quarantine.

Normally, I would have published this News Brief by Monday or Tuesday so I apologize for being late. The delay was caused by having to read every article. Yes, I read the entire magazine, something I haven’t done in nearly a decade since the NY Times changed the magazine format to a smaller, in my opinion, less readable style.

All of us have wondered sometime during this craziness, even if just for a moment, whether we’re putting our time to good use or if anything good will come from this. Read these articles and you will be putting your time to good use — and you may be motivated to find a path towards re-emerging with newly found satisfaction and self-enlightenment.

Now, all I have to do is complete the NY Times Sunday crossword in one sitting and in pen and my life will be complete!

By the way, one of my favorite articles is “The Unexpected Solace in Learning to Play Piano” by Christoph Niemann.

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