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If you’re a fan of Star Trek Voyager then you’ll likely recognize EMH as the Emergency Medical Hologram. The EMH was a hologram with a physical form who could be activated on command to act as the ship’s physician. Sure, it’s a stretch, but after reading, Meet Your New Caregiver – Your Home in the New York Times on Sept 9, 2020, you might see it as not that far off.

This New York Times article is timely as I’m embarking on a search for a place to relocate and a new home that meets our requirements for accessibility. I wasn’t considering having the home monitor our health directly but now that you mention it, I think it’s worth checking out. While the top end features are clearly beyond our budget, there are several lower cost entry points. We’re already very committed to Amazon Echo, Alexa and internet connected devices so this isn’t that big a leap, and privacy is a lost cause — but that’s a topic for another post.

Keep an eye out for my first post in my home search journal, and read this article. It’s eye-opening.

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