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An April 2022 Washington Post article discussed how caring for a parent or a spouse is keeping many out of work, especially after the pandemic. I know this article is a bit old but it is increasingly relevant to family caregivers as they contend with the pull of finding work amidst record-low unemployment. Discussions in caring communities about the need to provide financial compensation to family caregivers appear to be more frequent and intensifying, which is seriously overdue. While many states have a program to pay a family caregiver, the programs vary widely and are usually heavily restricted. It’s a mess. Given the current political climate, I doubt a nationwide standard is feasible at this time. The caregiver community needs to speak up!

This full article will be available for the next two weeks if you don’t have a WaPo subscription.

Caring for aging parents, sick spouses is keeping millions out of work
By Abha Bhattarai
April 4, 2022

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