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The National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) has established a caregiving phone line to collect input from family caregivers. NAC is a nonprofit founded in 1996 when a group of national organizations joined together to specifically to meet the needs of family caregivers. Their mission is to build partnerships across research, advocacy and innovation to make life better for family caregivers. I’ve mentioned this organization in the past, but only with respect to the study they published in 2020 with AARP. I just haven’t had the time to learn more about their efforts but it’s on my list to do so and report on it here.

Today, I received an interesting email from NAC explaining that they are soliciting input from family caregivers to be used to inform their advocacy efforts. Sponsored by Travere Therapeutics, NAC is spearheading this project to advance the mental well-being of family caregivers in the United States. NAC wants to hear from family caregivers on the joys, challenges and struggles they’ve faced on their caregiving journey in order to better understand their needs and the supports and interventions that can be introduced to assist them.

Tell Them What You Think via Phone, Online, or Text

Family caregivers can call 1-888-665-2190 to share your caregiving story and the feelings associated with it. You can also submit your input via online or text. I sent in an online entry highlighting three areas that concern me most as a family caregiver. The online submission process offered a specific prompt rather than the general questions indicated in their introductory materials.

I’m hopeful that this information actually does help affect change and doesn’t just become advertising fodder to sell memberships, sponsorships and services. I encourage you to make your voice heard, and let me know what you think about NAC or this caregiving phone line initiative.

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