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I’m back! Well, I didn’t actually go anywhere but time has flown by, and I unintentionally took a sabbatical from writing as my last post was in June 2022. Now, I’m diving in again and planning to regularly add content, as best I can. To whet your appetite, here’s my latest article recently published on lifeeffects.tevaCaregiver Time Management – Always a Work in Process. An apropos topic considering the circumstance.

Time management is a constant battle, especially as I age and my energy and memory diminish. I started writing this article many months ago but I never found the time to finish it, until 2022 ended. The new year has reinvigorated me so here’s my first new piece written for I couldn’t include specific product/tool names in the article but I can provide suggestions if you’re interested.

Soon, I’ll publish an article that I’ve been contemplating literally for years, so keep watch for that.

And as always, I’m happy to hear from you — please let me know what you think about the article.

Caregiver Time Management — Always a Work in Process

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